Wait List Confirmation

Hello, Mama!
What a delight it is to welcome you to the waiting list for our Help Club for Moms “Mothering Kit” subscription! We are working away and feeling joyful anticipation of what’s in store for you! Oh! I bet you’re wondering what your FREE GIFT is? We have made two beautiful, digital Bible verse printables for you (please see the link at bottom of this letter). Feel free to print them and use them to remind you of God’s precious truth about you!

We thought we would give you a small glimpse into what we are offering to our subscription members, so you can see how this will help you on your mothering journey. We also want you to be the first to know when our subscription goes live! By signing up to be on our waitlist, you already have one foot in the door, and help and hope is on the way!

Our monthly “Mothering Kit” includes:

  • Help for your heart! Each month we will have a theme we are working under to bring breakthrough for you! You will receive a video from our teaching team, reminding you of truths in God’s Word that He wants to sink deep into your heart, to transform you from the inside out. As we equip our mama hearts in this way, God prepares the way for us to disciple and teach our children!
  • Help for your children! Each month, you will receive teaching tools to disciple your children on the theme you are going through each month. You will have access to FREE discipleship printables with instructions, for every age and stage of your kids. Think never having to scroll Pinterest for ideas again!
  • Help for your marriage! Each month, enjoy a short but impactful marriage recording by a Christian couple on our team, to encourage you and build you up as a wife! There will also be journaling questions and prayer prompts for a chance to go deeper.
  • Help for your home! Each month, you will be given tips, tools, and inspiration from mamas who have walked your path and built a haven for their families from the storms of life. We know that Christian moms want a Christ-centered home, but often don’t know where to start. We are here to help!
  • Help for tough cultural topics moms face! Each month we will have a “Special Topic” video talking you through a hot topic relevant to today. Our heart is to encourage you to have a biblical perspective in your mothering that is unchanging, in an ever-changing culture! We want to practically help you navigate the difficult decisions your family faces.

Lastly, we want to encourage you to join us in prayer! It has been our heart to reach moms as a ministry because we know that a mother’s work is irreplaceable. We realize that the work we do as mothers is a divine calling from God. Our goal is to help, teach, and disciple moms to know the love of Jesus, and to let that change their lives and their homes! Each home won for Jesus is another troop in the army of heaven!

Please help us to spread the word! If there is a mom that you think would enjoy this “Mothering Kit” subscription, we would love it if you shared it with your friends. Please encourage them to join our waiting list as well!

Our subscription launches on March 20th! Stay tuned!

Click HERE and HERE to access your free printables!

In Christ,
The Help Club for Moms Team