Hello, Leaders,

We pray your groups are going well! Here is all you need for your next meeting covering weeks 7-8 in the “Walking with John” Lent devotionals on pages 105-130.

Watch the next teaching session video and then talk about the studies using the group discussion questions with your moms to go deeper into your study!

  • Click HERE  to watch the video!
  • Click HERE to listen to this teaching session on the podcast!
  • Click HERE to access the Group Discussion Questions!
  • Don’t forget to remind your moms to do the fun activity, “How to Create an Easter Garden” printable with their kids this week! It’s so good to encourage your kids to pray! You may also access it HERE at myhelpclubformoms.com.
  • Click HERE to access “Experiencing Jesus with Ben Dianda: Meditate on the Word and Radically Change Your Life” podcast
  • Click HERE for “Mothering with Deb: Avoid Strife at All Costs” teaching

We are praying for your group! Please email us at admin@helpclubformoms.com with any questions!

We love you!!

Deb, Rae-Ellen, and the Team