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Our “Mothering Kit” is a place of Biblical encouragement, practical resources, and mentorship from wise women who have walked the path of motherhood with hope! We are passionate about walking this journey with moms and helping you to build the Christ-centered home you’ve always hoped for!  

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Dear Mama,

In a world full of noise and information it can be overwhelming to know the “right” way to navigate motherhood – especially in the hopes of raising godly kids! Scrolling endless Instagram accounts and reading book after book of parenting strategies can often leave us feeling less than and without a plan. We believe God has called our ministry to help! 

God gave us a desire to create a one stop shop for moms that includes:

1) Life-changing, breakthrough teachings to help you overcome and move forward in your life as a woman, wife, and mother, so that nothing holds you back

2) Help and hope for challenging seasons in the ebb and flow of marriage

3) Godly discipleship tools to help you teach your kids about Christ

4) Worship that will leave your heart filled with Jesus and ready to serve your family

5) Godly teaching and wisdom to help you navigate controversial parenting issues we face in today’s culture

The heart of our ministry is to take our moms to the real source of knowledge and help – Jesus! He is the only One who can truly help us. Our monthly “Mothering Kits” are full of resources to help you create the Christ-centered home you have always wanted with biblical ideas, inspiration, and tried-and-true testimonials from moms who have walked your path in wisdom. We are not a ministry of formulas, but one who emphasizes and understands the power the Holy Spirit has in our lives to guide our mothering. Only Jesus knows the heart of our children, and we need to seek Him for wisdom and insight to be the best moms we can be!

There is hope for you, mama. God has called you to this position of motherhood and He will see you through it! Become a member today! 

In Christ,


The Help Club for Moms Team

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