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Welcome to your May Mothering Kit! As we ramp up to finish the school year strong, there have likely been many lies you have believed along the way – either about who you are, or simply feelings of confusion and hopelessness. We have help and tools for you this month to remind you of your true identity in Christ! These truths will flow from you to your children as you allow them to shift your perspective and believe the truth! We are praying for you! 

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Worship with us

Worship with us

Join Jen in worship as we reflect and tune our hearts to be more spirit-led this month! She has prayed for a word for you, and it is sure to bless you, mama!

Your Monthly Worship Experience

Join Jen as she shares a word for you from the Lord on being more spirit-led this month!

Cultivate Your Spirit

Cultivate Your Spirit

We have a breakthrough for you this month, mama! Do you yearn to listen to the Holy Spirit more in your daily life? Our teaching team is going to guide you through how to live more spirit-led in each area of your life.

Your Monthly Breakthrough

Build your faith this month as we journey through listening to the Holy Spirit in our daily lives more regularly!

Cultivate Your Marriage

Cultivate Your Marriage

Do you feel that there are "pressure points" in your marriage that keep coming up? Join Adam and Krystle as they share theirs with you, and encourage you to be more spirit-led with those repetitive issues that arise.

Your Monthly Marriage Content

Strengthen your marriage this month as we talk through some difficult “pressure points” in our relationships, and we ask the Holy Spirit for help!

Special Topic

10 Tips of Wisdom for Moms

This month for our special topic, we are sharing "10 Tips of Wisdom for Moms"! From sleepovers, to safety-code words, to how to talk to your teen - we're covering it all! We are praying that God helps you gain a heart of wisdom this month, mama! 

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