Hello, Leaders,

We pray your groups are going well! Here is all you need for your next meeting covering weeks 9-10 in the “Walking with John” Lent devotionals on pages 131-164.

We have a special video for you to watch with your moms for this week. Our special guest, Susan Alexander Yates, joins Deb on the video podcast for an encouraging chat about motherhood. You will love it!!

  • Click HERE  to watch this special encouraging video with Deb and Susan.
  • Click HERE to listen to this special episode on the podcast!
  • Click HERE to access the Group Discussion Questions!
  • Don’t forget to remind your moms to check out the newest printable, “Observing Passover as a Family.” Remembering Passover as a family is a meaningful and fun way to celebrate Holy Week! You may access it HERE.
  • Click HERE to access the “Effective Communication with Your Teens” podcast
  • Click HERE for “Mothering with Deb: How to Get More Done” teaching

We are praying for your group! Please email us at admin@helpclubformoms.com with any questions!

We love you!!

Deb, Rae-Ellen, and the Team

Ps- You connect with Susan at susanalexanderyates.com